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Babies are lined up on a mattress for a routine check-up at a maternity ward in a hospital in Manila July 11, 2010. July 11 marks World Population Day, which seeks to draw attention to global population issues, according to the United Nations Population Fund. From L-R: Baby girl Turibio born July 10, baby girl Amil born July 9, baby boy Villaluz born July 11, baby girl Herardo born July 8 and baby boy La Triaga born July 5. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo (PHILIPPINES - Tags: ANNIVERSARY HEALTH IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR2GB19

Will your birth order determine your Career Choices

Sources have stated that according to a study first borns are more likely to choose medicine or engineering as a career option and as a consequence earn more money than their siblings, who turn to humanities and academics.

Meanwhile the difference between first and third-borns was 54%. The relative probability of second-borns studying arts programmes was 27% higher than the first-borns, while the difference was 36 per cent between third-borns and first-borns.

Accordingly the sibling differences in choice of university program was not just a consequence of first-borns having better grades in school. Moreover it was more due to parental investment in the early years as it plays a crucial role in shaping the siblings’ ability, preferences and ambitions even within the shared environment of the family.

Moreover, in terms of relative probabilities, not only do second-borns differ from first-borns in terms of career choice, the trend towards choosing “less prestigious occupations” increases with every further child. This differences in programs in college could also explain approximately half of the gap in their long-term earnings, the researchers said, in the study involving 146,000 students.

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