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 Will Mouth wash spike Sugar Levels in your Blood?

New York sources have reported that Most of us are in the habit of using mouthwash at least once or twice daily, as a part of oral hygiene. But are you aware that your routine may spike the sugar level in your blood within no time. People who use mouthwash at least twice daily are at approximately 55 per cent higher risk of developing diabetes, when compared to less frequent users, found a new study.

Meanwhile the study, published in the journal Nitric Oxide, stated that most mouthwash contain anti- bacterial ingredients, which could impact the production of oral microbes that may hamper the nitric oxide formation in the mouth and this in turn might predispose to metabolic disorders, because major shifts in blood pressure levels and lead to an increased risk of diabetes, at the same time.

Moreover the researchers studied over 1,206 overweight individuals aged between 40 and 65 years, but without the prevalence of any major cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Recently it was found that 43% of the participants used mouthwash at least once daily and 22% used mouthwash at least twice a daily. Both the categories of population were at a higher risk of high blood sugar problems. Further the finding showed that mouthwash use lower than twice daily showed no association, suggesting a threshold effect at twice or more daily.

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