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Why 90 percent of people quit gym?

According to sources most of the men/women who joined gym will quit with in no time i.e with in few days.

Even most of the gym owners knew this truth and they will be offering cheap packages to new clients which will be yearly/half yearly/quartley to cash the situation as they know that most the people will not continue gym.

Where is the problem?
Problem is with the determination of the people. Be strong to go gym. Post pone or pre pone other schedules but not the gym. Do not do heavily and dont get hurt or dont get hospitalised. Listen to the trainer properly and follow them accordingly. First of all join the gym where there will be proffesional trainer its ok to spend much for health.

According to the sources no of gym’s increased in the urban areas as people starting taking care of health. All the beat for the people who join gym please do not quit. Stay fit stay healthy.

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