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What are Vidya Balan’s future plans?

According to a report from Bollywood sources, the industry’s actress Vidya Balan had started out her career with the TV show ‘Hum Paanch’ and further after considering her beginnings one should think that she would be more open towards the medium. However, it turns out that the actress is not very open to the idea.

Sources have added that the ‘Tumahri Sulu’ actress is not keen on doing TV shows. Previously there was an interesting show that she was planning to host a couple of years ago, but it didn’t happen. And when it comes to reality TV shows, Vidya opened that she gets more offers but she is not interested in judging such stuff.

But she did add that she would not mind doing a web series if the schedules weren’t too grueling. So it seems like the actress is currently happy with her stint on the silver screen and is contended.

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