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 Ram Gopal Varma’s Sensational comment on Ivanka

Sources have reported that currently the hue and cry over the Nandi awards controversy is slowly subsiding, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is evoking humour with his quirky tweets. Now his fresh target is Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. Previously on  Friday, he took to his Facebook page and commented by saying “He thinks Ivanka Trump should be given 3 special jury Nandi awards for the best international figure, best wholesome family beauty and above all Miss World Leader.”

Moreover he did not stop there, he went on to say he could not understand the ramifications of GES summit which is being held in Hyderabad, which Ivanka is attending the meeting. RGV also termed Donald Trump as the dumbest president ever. Accordingly RGV further sought to know if Ivanka Trump was a fat and ugly woman, would there have been so much hungama?

Furthermore for the past one week, the city has been spruced up colorfully with neatly laid roads ahead of the GES summit. The civic authorities did not even spare stray dogs besides shifting beggars to various state run homes in view of Ivanka’s visit.

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