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Pineapple as Handy ‘Christmas Tree’ will drive you crazy

Presently people are decorating pineapple as a Christmas tree and the results are adorable. The fruit apart from being loved for its tropical flavor is also breaking the internet for its ‘Christmas Holiday Look’. If you want to try something different choose a pineapple which is fat at the bottom so that it is able to stand up for long. Also, if you choose an unripe pineapple, it will last longer.

Meanwhile, a big leafy top is an important factor you must pay attention to while buying the perfect pineapple for decorating. Further, you can hang Christmas decorations and lights will give a brilliant output.

Further, no celebration looks complete without lighting it up with fairy lights. Finally, decorate this sumptuous fruit just like a Christmas tree and place it nicely over a stylish base. Try this during this Christmas Eve and feel different.

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