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Not even Modi can question my service!!

On being accused of lacking the courage to order a surgical strike after 26/11 Mumbai attacks by prime minister Modi, ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh retaliated with a counter that everyone knows his service to the people and none including Modi has the right to question his service just for gaining political mileage.

Modi had recently said in a campaign for Gujarat polls that when approached by a high commander of Indian airforce to launch a surgical strike after 26/11 attacks, the then government didn’t have the guts or strength to take the decision.

Manmohan Singh responded that Modi is cooking up stories just because he’s worried of Gujarat elections and fears losing there, while adding that Congress didn’t need any kinda lecture from a person whose inability to fight terrorism is well known. He also asked Modi to reveal the reason why ISIS was invited to investigate an attack from Pakistan.

While dismissing Modi’s allegations that Manmohan and Mani Shankar Aiyer had met Pakistanis to discuss Gujarat polls, he said that they met only to discuss India Pakistan relations, and that he hopes Modi to apologise for his false allegations and restore dignity of his prime minister designation

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