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No Condom ads between 6 am and 10 pm as Kids shouldn’t see it! 

According to sources from New Delhi, the Union Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry had currently banned the airing of condom advertisements between 6 am and 10 pm and the reason given was that the ministry had received many complaints in these commercials and the potential adverse impact on children.
Meanwhile, as per the Advertising Code of the Cable Television Network Rules of 1994, the ministry raised concerns about the condom ads “which endangers the safety of children as most of the ads are vulgar and they spoil the minds of children. Many ads give wrong ideas for the children too.
Meanwhile several also argued that with a rising population when issues like contraception and protection and having safe sex should be taught more, this is a backward step in sex education and moreover the ads agencies are creative enough to use subtleties and metaphors for a sexual act to sell their products.
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