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Malli Raava Review

Malli Raava is a romantic movie where Karthik (Sumanth) and Anjali’s (Aakanksha Singh) first meet when they are thirteen years old. They part ways and meet each other at three different stages of their lives. After thirteen years they reunite and decide to marry. But do they come together at the end or not and rest of the story is why Anjali refuses to marry karthik at the last moment and what happens in 2017 when she returns from USA 5 years later which forms the crux of the story.

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Karthik’s role is well planned, but Anjali’s role lacks strong justified points to flip her decisions. Moreover the background score is the biggest asset for the film. In addition, ‘ Malli Raave ‘ and ‘ Adugasale ‘ songs are super melodious and music composer Shravan Bharadwaj must be appreciated for his fantastic work.

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Production values are not up to the mark, but understandable given the market dynamics in the present day scenario. Further one more liability is the abrupt ending in the climax. While the first half in 75 minutes, the second half is just 50 minutes and ends all of a sudden.

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In short the movie is a failed attempt which showcases the story of two teenagers who get fall in love at a tender age and reunite after 13 years. Moreover the lead pair, background music, slight humor that occurs in an IT office is the only positives. The snail paced narration, unnecessary time sliced screenplay, lack of any commercial elements and Tele film type production quality are the negatives which may lack collections for the box office.

Rating 2.5/5

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