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Is sports is mandatory in our daily life?

Now days due social and financial personal change making a huge difference in our daily life style

How many of us spending time for fitness and how many of them encouraging their children in sports let us ask our self. We are so bothered about our kids academics make their schedule so tight where they cannot spent at least Heffner for their fitness and sports

Let us the know the importance of sports. now a days children’s are becoming lazy you can find most of the children are suffering from obesity due to no fitness activity in their daily life

Those who are physically active can perform well in academics and can have healthy life style can build résistance power .most of the school are aware of the fitness activity and introducing all the facility in the school such as swimming basket ball skating yoga dance ect spending 45min for activity makes our Childers lifestyle happy not all children for everyone physical activity is must can understand all of them are having there busy life’s both husband and wife working jest please spend 40 min for yourself and let us make our society a healthy society tell your neighbors and relative s about the importance of the fitness. lets everyone take part for change

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