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Is KCR attracting old Congress friend?

According to sources ever since the Winter Assembly sessions of Telangana have begun recently, MIM is believed to have come up with the sole agenda of shielding Chief Minister KCR and his policies from the attack of opposition parties, especially Congress. Meanwhile the political analysts say both TRS and MIM have become new friends keeping in mind the upcoming 2019 Assembly elections.

Moreover when the Congress leaders have recently targeted CM KCR in the Assembly alleging he couldn’t procure 12 percent reservation to Muslims, something which he had promised within four months of forming the govt. MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi rushed to KCR’s rescue, and said that the CM had already fulfilled his commitment by passing the bill in the state Assembly, and that the matter was pending with the Centre.

Furthermore he lambasted the Congress leaders saying they were deliberately targeting KCR. He further said that the CM authority is a very small gift to KCR from people compared with what he had done for people, achieving Telangana state. The opposition leaders were baffled at the MIM party’s support to KCR and TRS. Accordingly reports say that TRS leadership is not making any efforts to strengthen the part in Old City as they are planning to go hand in hand with MIM for 2019 electi

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