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 Is Health is wealth?

Health is the most important thing for any humanbeing even after knowing this how many of the people are focussing on the health. Now a days people are having so busy schedule’s so that they could not give enough time for the workouts.

Undoubtedly we can say health is wealth beacause if the person is healthy he will be effecient and effective at what he will do. Kids born to the healthy people will be healthy genetically and there will be high resistence power to them.

Reduce sleeping time by 30 minutes and cut the time of watching TV by 45 minutes and put that time for workouts. it can help have good healthy body irrespective of what you eat.

There are lots of ways of becoming healthy doing work outs at home source is youtube, going to gym trainer will be helping. When enough physical activities are food is not a vig concern.

All the best for your health be healthy and keep your family healthy.
However if you wont keep your body fit defenetly you will be facing worst consequences in your future no one can save you at that time.

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