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Is Coffee the healthiest drink for skin glow?

According to sources, Coffee turns out to be your best friend to give warmth in the winter season. But do you know that you get a supple skin if you try coffee on your skin in the winter season? Coffee can also be used as a beauty product for both men and women as when mixed with right ingredients it can remove the dead cells. Caffeine extracts rejuvenate the skin in addition to repairing UV damage.

Also the antioxidants present in the coffee can counter-attack the UV damage to our skin and also good for the overall health of our skin. It gives a rich glow. Grounded coffee beans can be used to prepare a homemade body scrub which can remove the dead cells. It can be prepared by mixing with honey.

It is also an exfoliating agent and it’s quite a lot better than peach or walnut. The scrub eredicates the dead skin cells without irritation in addition to moisturizing your skin. It also fights tired eyes and dark circles.

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