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How fast u want to be


If you stopped and thought about the mental approach you take with your swimming, what word would you use?



How about dominant?

Be Dominant Today (and Tomorrow)

Champion swimmers take an attitude of dominance wherever they go.

And when we talk about dominance, it’s not about purely winning…

It’s about dominating your own performance to the best of your ability—which has a funny way of heavily influencing the results into going your way on race day.

It’s an attitude that you will dominate everything big and small in your training.

The biggies are obvious:
The mindset you take with you behind the block to dominate your race plan, and by extension, your personal best times.
The attitude you have in practice: are you the swimmer that is going to walk on the pool deck and react to the sets and workouts at hand, or are you proactively going to get after them, choosing to make the training work for you?
A willingness to dream big, but to act bigger by dominating the seemingly meaningless and countless small steps along the way.
(And no, being dominant doesn’t mean you have to be the alpha in the pool, pounding your chest and possessing all the swagger. Being dominant means being the best version of you.)

Dominance is found in the details that most swimmers will overlook while obsessing about why they can’t get motivated or “feel like” working hard:
The dominant swimmer focuses relentlessly on improving their stroke technique, knowing that while gains in conditioning and strength are critical, just as important is being able to swim further and faster more efficiently.
The dominant swimmer views their ideal performance in the context of a whole race, and that means drilling and refining the aspects between the flags: the start, the breakout, the underwaters, attacking the walls, and so on.
The dominant swimmer also knows that the life they lead outside the pool has a huge influence on how they perform inside of it.
The dominant swimmer uses this attitude of performing at a high level everywhere they go.

Unleash Some Free-Range Dominance

Being dominant is also not about subjecting your will on others. It’s not even about beating the swimmer in the next lane…

Again: it’s about showing up and dominating your preparation.

Focusing on what you control.

Doing your very best with what you have.

And make no mistake…

This kind of relentless approach is tough.

To be elite and dominant isn’t a part-time job; it’s not something you turn on and off at your convenience.

It takes patience. It takes keeping your chin up in the face of adversity. And it takes keeping that attitude of dominance even when things don’t feel so dominatey.

But ya wanna take a guess at what happens when you dominate your training, when you dominate your effort, and when you dominate your mindset behind the blocks?

Well, I’m sure you can imagine.

See you in the water,


P.S. Dominating your mindset is basically the whole point of Conquer the Pool: The Swimmer’s Ultimate Guide to a High-Performance Mindset.

You will learn how to dominate your self-talk.

You will learn how to dominate those grueling practices.

And you’ll learn how to dominate your emotional state behind the block.

The result?

Personal best times = dominated.

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