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Does GES summit increased brand name of hyderabad?

GES summit is organised at Hyderabad this is the first time these summit conducted in south Asia that too in Hyderabad. Whole world is talking about the Hyderabad after the summit even we can see Telangana IT minister is very keen about using this opportunity to get the companies to Hyderabad and shown rich hospitality of Telangana government.
Even though the results of the summit may not effect soon but some or the other time, some or the other way it will be helpful.
This summit was about the women empowerment, women employment and to encourage them to pursue their dream career. Among 1500 professionals from about 150 countries attended the summit; among them more than 50 percent are women.
Cores of rupees spent by the government on the decorating the city and for new roads and for the security check. Anyhow this money is not waste city looks beautiful and roads can be used by public.
Let us hope for the best results of summit for the Hyderabad. Yes we can say this summit definitely increased brand name of Hyderabad.

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