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Do you the place where Anushka and Virat enjoy their Honeymoon?

According to sources, we can hardly wait to see where the couple is headed for their honeymoon and it seems Rome, with all its grandeur and romantic getaway, is the chosen destination. Earlier Virat and Anushka have stated about their relationship and kept their private life away from the eyes of media.

Usually, for private place seekers, Rome is a perfect place to enjoy some special moments. Meanwhile, Rome is a dream destination for art lovers. Moreover, Virat and Anushka maintain strict diets and eat only healthy food, but they should also keep in mind that honeymoon is the time to indulge and the food is not an exception.

Moreover, only lovebirds and the honeymooners know the importance of an exciting nightlife and they can always head towards Testaccio for having a great time and this is the right choice for the couple.

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