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Did Ivanka really spoke on Women Empowerment?

Yesterday at GES held in Hyderabad, Ivanka Trump had given a powerful speech, where she said that Indian economy can grow by over USD 150 billion in the next three years if it was able to close the labour force gender gap by half. Meanwhile Ivanka poured appreciations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is building India as a thriving economy.

Ivanka said “India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a true friend in the White House and moreover this summit is a symbol of growing economic and security cooperation between India and the US”.

Meanwhile Ivanka gave more priority to women upliftment and to grow more women entrepreneurs. She added, “For the first time ever, women make up 50% of the people selected for this summit, where more than 11 million women in the US own businesses.” Further Ivanka said, “Hyderabad is emerging fastly as the innovation hub of India.”

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