Sep 19, 2018 @ 23:49 pm
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Ten tips to learn  swimming!

Leave the fear make a friendship with the water .talk to the instructors .commitment to learn you can learn swimming at any age young to old any one can learn swimming there is no particular age to learn swimming if your  interested to learn and make yourself fit there is …

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Is sports is mandatory in our daily life?

Now days due social and financial personal change making a huge difference in our daily life style How many of us spending time for fitness and how many of them encouraging their children in sports let us ask our self. We are so bothered about our kids academics make their …

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Can we swim during periods?

Most of the women’s will having doubt that shall they swim during their periods. Yes! You can swim during the periods by following some sanitary instructions given by the instructor. Most of the swimming pools not allow swimming in there periods due to hygienic conditions. Doctors suggest that not to …

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How fast u want to be

Heyo, If you stopped and thought about the mental approach you take with your swimming, what word would you use? Interested? Committed? How about dominant? Be Dominant Today (and Tomorrow) Champion swimmers take an attitude of dominance wherever they go. And when we talk about dominance, it’s not about purely …

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What makes you a champion?

Every one want to become a champion but few only successful depends upon the ethic’s they follow Champion always have a clear picture about his goal Always have a dream Makes a short term goals and work hard to achieve the short goals which will help them to achieve there …

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