Sep 19, 2018 @ 23:43 pm
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Can we swim during periods?

Most of the women’s will having doubt that shall they swim during their periods. Yes! You can swim during the periods by following some sanitary instructions given by the instructor. Most of the swimming pools not allow swimming in there periods due to hygienic conditions. Doctors suggest that not to …

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Can Robots earn income for you?

New Delhi sources have reported that if you want a robot to earn an income for you in the future so that you can spend the winters holidaying in sun soaked beaches and the summers in a cool hill station, you are not alone. Accordingly 32% working people do not …

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IIT Delhi starts placement work

New Delhi sources made a statement that the institute said that currently more than 500 students were hired by recruiters including 25 international up to the fifth day of the ongoing placement exercise at the IIT Delhi. Meanwhile according to sources the first phase of placements was started on December …

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