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Can we swim during periods?

Most of the women’s will having doubt that shall they swim during their periods.

Yes! You can swim during the periods by following some sanitary instructions given by the instructor.

Most of the swimming pools not allow swimming in there periods due to hygienic conditions.

Doctors suggest that not to exercise rigor sly during periods because women’s will be not in their comfort zone .then what about the women’s participating in major swimming competitions?   Do they quiet or do they use pills? All these doubts come to us. They do not quiet or they do use pills they take part in the competitions and they perform well .due to the water pressure the periods will be stopped for during periods of time they need to take some precautions

Nothing is dangerous if you swim in your period’s time. For more information you can ask the details from the swimming instructor. Doctors suggest that not swim during the periods because of the hygienic conditions of the pool this articles was written after taking a survey from the swimmers and the qualified coaches no need to here all the rumors take a right information

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